About AOET

AOET was established in 1995 after recognizing the need for urgent action in supporting children, families and communities who were affected by HIV/AIDS and other health related illnesses. However, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that AOET officially registered as an NGO.


It’s mandate and philosophy, coupled with a robust program and targeted beneficiaries are attuned to increase family and community capacities to care for orphans and other vulnerable children, who are either affected or infected by HIV. 

The organization’s main focus is the orphaned child.

Activities are centered on supporting these children but also improving rural communities in which they live through: Education, family based skills empowerment and community health care programs.

In health care, HIV and AIDS is the most critical component that AOET is involved with.

AOET interventions are based on the understanding and appreciation that family and community needs cannot be separated from the general care of children, and responses need to be developed as part of broader-based community care initiatives.

Community–based action to support families fostering young children is essential to providing the care they need to grow into healthier, contributing members of society. This calls for strategies to provide support, care and guidance to families, parents/guardians and caregivers that are directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS

However, small family-based solutions are the most realistic options for children and need to be expanded within and beyond the boundaries of just the family into the community.