Rehaboth Integrated Schools

CHILD Welfare is the CORE challenge most hurting families within AOET and Africa in general face. The well-being of children and women at individual / house-hold level especially those affected by HIV/AIDS is critical if a community is to develop.

A healthy community is one where Children and women have access to a few essentials, but mainly health care and access to education.

Through our community based representatives and the local leaders, we assess who a vulnerable child /woman is and earmark them for either formal schooling or skills training; and for many adults, income generating activities and family support as found appropriate (all related to helping a child go to School).

Feasibility Studies

  • Education in most of Africa is liberalized and private schools are encouraged.
  • Local leaders are very supportive to activities related to Education.
  • Suppliers of local building materials readily available in every country AOET operates.
    Manufactured building materials can be easily procured from Hardware shops.
  • Skilled and Unskilled labor is fairly within any community
  • Experts and Technocrats are ready to supervise our construction projects – especially because we are a charity.


Rehaboth schools