AOET General Objectives

Objective 1.

Increase opportunities for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to access education and improve their physical, cognitive and psychosocial care and development.

Objective 2.

Develop new initiatives, support and add value to existing efforts designed to strengthen the capacity of families and communities providing prevention, care and support services to children affected and or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Objective 3.

Improve parent/ guardian and caregiver capacities to care for the HIV/AIDS affected and infected children through enhancing their knowledge, skills and practices that reduce household poverty, demystify HIV/AIDS and decrease the associated stigmatization, and strengthen social support at family and community level.

Objective  4.

Develop new and enhance initiatives to build capacities of Widows and or Widowers as a result of specific Epidemics so they are better able to care for themselves, their children and other members living with their families

Objective 5.

Broaden the concept of family to include extended family, informal fostering, family units, child - headed households and further enhance their capacity to cope with challenges in the care and support for orphans and vulnerable children affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Objective 6.

Enhancing a partnership approach that strengthens responses of CBO's and those of other social welfare institutions and organizations that embrace a number of care and support options that contribute towards improving prevention, care and support services for children affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Objective 8.

Increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS among children, youth adults – families in general, communities in the project area as one of the means to control the spread and promote prevention of HIV.