Feeding Program | Zambia

As a result of increased poverty in many households, children have been exposed to many vices including child labour, child neglect, child prostitution, defilement, child trafficking, early pregnancies and marriages and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infections.

No doubt poverty prevents children from enjoying their basic rights. They often do not have enough food available to them.

Consequently they may suffer from malnutrition or other illness, which may hinder their full development. Because of the above concerns, Action for Empowerment-Zambia runs a feeding program, which caters for our sponsored children.

When the children finish their community school lessons, the centre provides nutritious food for them.

Household supplementary food

While AOET believes in empowerment of families so they can be less dependent on programs or people, we are continually faced with a challenge of floods, droughts, disease …

As a result, The Board decided that TEMPORAL relief would be part of what AOET Zambia could do.

Everything considered, AOET – Zambia, with full knowledge and blessing from AOET International decided to provide basic foodstuffs to several families.

Failure to supply these homes with supplementary food supplies on a regular basis will result in deaths.

A package normally includes:

  • 1 bag X 25kg of maize meal
  • 1 bag of Rice
  • 1pkt X 2kg sugar
  • 1 X 750ml of cooking oil
  • And other products as they are availed.

As we provide these, we also work on the aspect of self-sustenance.