Rehaboth Integrated Schools

The number of children and women seeking assistance form AOET is growing rampantly but the organization does not have adequate resources to meet the growing demand.

Therefore, the child welfare department in the different countries supports many children and women through formal education and vocational training while using less resources in the long run.Construction of schools

Over the years, we’ve seen the need for increased infrastructure within all the AOET country programs.
However, no need matches the need to set up our own Schools in places where there are no existing government or private educational facilities.

While each AOET country program is responsible for determining what the needs in their catchment areas are, one program cuts across: EDUCATION.

As the program expands, so does the need to build Schools.
So far, AOET (in the different countries) has set up Kindergartens, primary Schools, a High School and almost every country program has plans to build additional Schools.

 Rehaboth school

Why set up our own schools:

  • To encourage guardians send vulnerable children under their care to school since they normally would not afford it else where.
  • To supplement government policies in the different countries where AOET operates on education which most countries have liberalized by allowing setting up of private schools as long as the schools conform to national guidelines and are well managed.