School Management | Rehaboth Integrated Schools

AOET’s Rehaboth Integrated schools are and shall be managed by a board of Governors who will play an advisory role to the school Management committee. The board meets once a year but may call extra-ordinary meetings as may be necessary.

AOET’s Rehaboth Integrated schools management committees are responsible for making day-to-day decisions of the running of the schools.

These are composed of:

  • The Country Director
  • The Child Welfare Coordinator
  • The Head teacher who acts as the secretary on the committee
  • 5 Representatives of parents/guardians and local leaders.
  • 1 Representative at national level from the Ministry of Education.

AOET - ICO intends to support any AOET country program that sees need to set up a School but can’t afford it. AOET - ICO will find a donor and match them with such a country program to be able to see their dream come to reality.

AOET - ICO has already done this with Uganda by building a High School and Primary School there and hopes to do the same with all the other country programs.

Rehaboth schools