Jet Lag

Africa is a long trip. There are 11 hours difference between pacific standard to Uganda time. Take into account this jet lag will be working in your body and you will need a few days to get re-adjusted. Sometimes your brain simply switches off and you must lay down to rest.


We expect team members to be at least 14 years of age. Teenagers and adults alike are reminded that things should not be expected to happen here like they do at home. Keeping a good attitude when you have to wait longer than planned or the food doesn't please you is a stretch for most people. Practice smiling when you don't feel like it. And we will too.

Illness and Untimely Returns:

If you become ill while traveling you will receive care promptly. Western trained doctors as well as qualified African doctors are available. We do carry a small first aid kit. Any immediate medical expense will be borne by you. Should you be forced to leave the team and return home for any reason, the cost of your transportation, or stay is your responsibility and must be borne by you.

Other things you might Experience.

  • Your perspective of hardship could change. When you encounter the joy and courage of persecuted and deprived people, your own life might not seem so hard.
  • Your faith could be stretched. Coming to a developing country you might experience times when you realize you have no control over certain situations. You could find yourself praying about situations you never prayed about before, i.e. finances, safety, health or communication because you cannot resolve these issues without God's delivering Hand.
  • You might be tempted to judge a whole country by someone you had a problem with. You might even find your fellow team members getting on your nerves.
  • Expect to find things different than you know in America. Uganda and surrounding countries are called a "developing nation" for some reasons you may observe. For example: A large city with few traffic laws can try a man's soul. A Ugandan hamburger does not taste like an American hamburger. A pit latrine can cause consternation amongst the female team members. And there is more.
  • Treat your hosts with respect and the people you meet with respect and you will be welcomed as an honored guest.