• Your Passport and Visa to Uganda
  • Bed Sheets and a pillow case
  • Flash light
  • Towels
  • personal toiletries …
  • photos of your home, children, state/USA to show the Ugandans
  • when you are feeling a touch of loneliness or hunger, a favorite snack comes in handy



Other items to consider:


  • sunscreen,
  • hat,
  • belt (s),
  • facial tissues that can double for toilet tissue,
  • individual hand wipes.
  • money





The clothing appropriate to this culture and climate is dresses or skirts and blouses for the ladies and slacks and shirts for men. For church or special occasions the ladies should wear nice dresses and men in slacks, shirt, tie, sports coat (coat not mandatory unless speaking at a service).

Modesty is very important. Be careful not to wear revealing clothes.

There could be occasions for swimming if your team leader so decides. So bring a swim suit.


Our work is funded by friends and well wishers who donate to the cause of the organization..

We however want to let you know that since we don’t have a standing fund, we ask all our guests to help contribute towards their stay with us.