Secure your passport ahead of time to avoid last minute panic. The necessary application form can be obtained from your local post office.

You will need a visa for Uganda. A single entry visa can be purchased at the airport in Entebbe for $30 US Dollars. However the airlines you are traveling on sometimes requires a visa for Uganda before you can board. Call your airline 6 weeks before boarding to find out their requirements.

Apply to the Ugandan Embassy while in the U.S. and allow at least 6 weeks to complete that transaction. When you send any forms to any embassy make certain that you send it by "registered mail" so you can track the forms or your passport more readily if they fail to respond in a timely manner.


Airline Tickets:

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To obtain the required immunizations check with your local clinic or hospital. There is usually one doctor who handles international inoculations. He will know what is required for the country you are traveling to. This could cost several hundred dollars. You might go to the web to for more information.


Travel Luggage:

Check with the airline for specific luggage sizes you are allowed. The allowances may differ from airline to airline and differ as to the class you are traveling in. Generally you are allowed 2 check-in suitcases not to exceed 70# each, a small carry–on and a purse or briefcase. Ask for a voucher from the ticket agent for a third luggage.

Do not pack any razors, nail clippers, knives, scissors, knitting needles, etc in your carry on as they will be confiscated and possible delays will occur prior to boarding.