Fees Structure

Because we depend on gifts and donations from friends and well-wishers, All volunteers need to cover their living expenses while with us. Below is the breakdown:

Children - $6 per child per day
Adults - $18 per person per day

The fees are payable before arrival at the organizations offices by wire to the organization's account. This helps the organization to prepare for the Guest(s) before they arrive.

The money paid covers room and meals and any transportation needs right from the first day of arrival from the Airport and last day when you are supposed to fly back home – taking you to the Airport. Covers Electricity, Security, water…

We however request that you please consider blessing this program in any way you feel led to.

We have a lot more ministry information to send you and will do after you confirm your coming.

Please write back to us so we know about your decision to come and any other thoughts you think we need to know about before you come.
That information may include among other things - whether one is a vegetarian, if one has any allergies and the like….

Please bring anything else that would be helpful to this program that you can leave behind.

Some Ideas on the kind of things we need


Item (s)






Computer Software


Blank CDs


Blank Floppy Diskettes


Office Equipment


     - Stepplers


     - Punching Machines


     - A paper shredder






Vocational Training

Computers and computer accessories


           - Printers


           - External Drives


           - Mouse pads…


Sewing Machines


Knitting Machines


Sewing materials




Carpentry tools …




Rural Health Initiative

Medical Equipment


            - Microscopes


            - Blood Pressure machines


            - Medicine (any)




Child Welfare Department

School Supplies


- Books, Pens, Pencils…


- clothes, Shoes…


Items for games – balls, rope…




Guest House  Hospitality.



Pillow cases


(new or used China)


Please have people get to know about your trip and raise funds for the ministry here as much as you can before you come.

We want to make your trip here one you will always remember.

We look forward to having you here!!!